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Warm Up

Static Stretching

  • Two up, One Down Calf Raises

  • Pigeon Pose

  • Touch Toes

  • Seated Glute Stretch

Dynamic Stretching

  • Shuffling/Karaoke

  • Butt Kicks

  • Lunge and Twist

  • Ballerina Walk

  • Sky the Disc

Heart Rate Up

  • Acceleration and Deceleration

    • Start slow and end fast​

    • Start fast and end slow


Ladder Drills

  • Pick between 5 drills

Agility Throwing Drills

  • Small Triangle Cone

  • Box Drill

  • Power Position Shots

Group / Fun

Group Drills

  • Four line Stack

  • Handler Weave

  • 4-Line Drill


  • If you're alone, throw in the wind until you make some friends

Fun Conditioning Challenge

  • For each ladder mistake

    • 5 quick feet into burpee​

    • 2v2 Make It-Take It Challenge

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