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About Us

Our Goals  for Now

We strive to uphold the idea of working hard and playing hard.


We find the balance in improving and building our team towards a Sectional/Regional level talent while laughing, joking, and going on… probably crazy… adventures along the way


The Oasis culture will be rooted in constructive feedback from your teammates as well as open and inclusive to anyone who is willing to work their shells off!

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Our Gameplan

​We are looking to create an environment that fosters high-level competition while keeping the fun! We believe people excel when they feel supported and valued

We aspire to win, but not at the expense of losing positivity, community, and the love of the game

​With members of the team spread throughout the Southeast region, there will be no shortage of traveling and new experiences to build lifelong friendships.

Open and  Inclusive to All

No matter who you are or what you believe in, bring your positive attitude and join our team

Oasis is based out of Tallahassee, FL, but has pockets of people in Orlando, Jacksonville, Thomasville and more..


Targeted workouts will be available weekly for those who cannot attend, and practices will rotate throughout the Oasis paradise to equal out relative travel.


How if Started

​When making plans with friends, we often decide to go play frisbee, or go on an adventure. What is to stop us from doing both?

That's why we decided to create Oasis, a paradise for frisbee players. We want to build an environment that people look forward to putting time into.

Will it be successful? Come join the turtle squad and find out 😉

- Cameron, Rachael, Coia, and Riley

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